Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro Complete Set

  • One touch carabiner
  • KeyLock nose
  • Automatic locking
Via Ferrata Set
  • Abrasion-proof energy absorber
  • Elastic safety branches
Specific activity
Via Ferrata
DIN / CE Standards
EN 958: 2017 (new standard)
Magazine award winner
Alpin Tipp,Bergsteiger Testsieger
Breaking load open
7.00 kN
Bergzeit Tip
Comfort Tip
Weight (piece)
675.00 g
Breaking load crosswise
28.00 kN


<p>The Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro Via Ferrata set from Camp has received a colour update for the new season - but remains particularly easy to handle Via Ferrata set in its new look. This is mainly due to the patented triple gyro-joint, which connects the strap fall absorber and the elastic safety arms. This allows all parts to turn in relation to each other and prevents the straps from twisting.</p><p>The carabiners (model Horai) have an especially large opening of 27 mm and can be easily operated with one hand. The safety arms are designed elastically - so handling is uncomplicated and close to the body, but you have enough leeway when you need it. Add to this the lightweight strap fall absorber and you have the Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro Via Ferrata set - an excellent choice for all those who are looking for a particularly user-friendly and highly functional Via Ferrata set for their tours.</p>
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