Kinetic Rewind Pro Via Ferrata Set

Specific activity
Via Ferrata
  • One touch carabiner
  • KeyLock nose
  • Automatic locking
Via Ferrata Set
  • Abrasion-proof energy absorber
  • Elastic safety branches
DIN / CE Standards
EN 958: 2017 (new standard)
Weight (piece)
550.00 g
Breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
Breaking load open
12.00 kN
Load capacity length
28.00 kN


<p>The Kinetic Rewind Pro via ferrata set from Camp is a reliable via Ferrata set with comfortable handling - both the elastic safety arms and the especially large carabiners ensure this. For the new season, Camp has given the good part a color update, but the comfortable handling remains.</p><p>The safety arms with Rewind System are 85 cm long and thus allow a body-hugging operation. However, if you need more space, they expand to a length of 120 cm (and naturally contract again). Add to this the extra-large carabiners with 28 mm snap opening and one-handed operation and the light, compact strap fall arrester and you have the Kinetic Rewind Pro via Ferrata set.</p>
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