Alpha Trad Quickdraw 6 Pack

Specific activity
Alpine Climbing
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Material Composition
Made in Europe
Weight (piece)
462.00 g
rope carabiner: breaking load length
24.00 kN
Breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load open
9.00 kN
Breaking load open
9.00 kN
Load capacity length
24.00 kN
12.00 cm


<p>The Alpha Trad 6-pack express sets from DMM are six super light expresses with I-Beam technology and Clean Nose in a set, perfect for alpine climbing. To save weight and maximize the breaking load, DMM uses I-Beam forging technology.&nbsp;</p><p>The DMM Alpha Trad fits extremely well in the hand and convinces with its smooth-running gates, which can be clipped easily and quickly even in tricky situations.&nbsp;</p><p>The ergonomic shape, the perfect handling and the DMM Clean Nose, i.e. the nose that cannot get caught on the bolt, the sling or the tape, as well as the ribbing on the back of the carabiner, convince not only trad and alpine climbers, but all ambitious climbers who are looking for extra safety without a lot of extra weight.</p>
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