Spectre 6 Pack Quickdraws

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Made in Europe
Specific activity
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Sport Climbing
Material Composition
12.00 cm
rope carabiner: breaking load open
9.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load length
24.00 kN
Breaking load open
9.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load crosswise
8.00 kN
Load capacity length
24.00 kN
Weight (piece)
450.00 g
Breaking load crosswise
8.00 kN


<p>The Spectre Quickdraw 6 Pack from DMM contains six fine all-rounders draws: light enough for trading- or alpine climbing, but pleasant to handle so that they also make a great companion for the fast round of sport climbing.</p><p>The carabiners are equipped with wire gate to ensure the low weight. The snap noses are kept relatively small here to reduce the risk of the rope or nose getting caught. The robust Dyneema® sling is 11 mm wide and has a rubber underlay on the rope-side carabiner to keep the carabiner in the optimum position.</p><p>The colour scheme is also well thought out: thanks to the different colours, it is immediately noticeable if you have the Exe the wrong way around on your harness. At the latest when the carabiner on the wall side shows signs of wear, it can become dangerous for the rope, which is avoided.</p>
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