Fenix 6X Sapphire Titanium GPS Watch

Specific activity
  • Mountaineering
  • Alpinism
  • Trekking
  • Trail Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Training
  • Running
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
Synthetic housing
Display features
  • colour display
  • touch display
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
Titanium bezel
Display size (pixel)
260 x 260
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
Sapphire crystal
Lithium-ion battery
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
synthetic strap
Internal storage
32 GB
  • Topographic map
  • Bluetooth interface
  • USB interface
  • App compatible
Watch Features
  • time
  • date
  • alarm
  • stop watch
  • countdown-timer
  • smart watch function
Digital compass
  • satellite systems: GPS
  • satellite systems: GPS, Glonass
  • waypoint and route navigation graphic
  • back to the starting point function
  • route trace
  • indicator and portions of road ahead
  • route planning
Lithium-ion battery
  • barometric altimeter
  • altitude graph
  • total ascent/descent
  • vertical speed
  • altitude difference
  • current altitude
  • weather trend indicator
  • temperature display
  • sunrise / sunset times
  • automatic altimeter / barometer profile
  • severe weather warning
General Training
  • diverse modes for various sports
  • change sport modes during training
  • current speed
  • average speed
  • lap comparison in kilometer or mile
  • training analysis
  • heart rate frequency measurement
  • interval function
Pedal cadence
  • Swim speed and distance in pool
  • Swim speed and distance in open water
  • Swim time according to laps
  • Swim style recognition
Water resistance
waterproof up to 10 ATM
Tail Width
1152 h
Duration with highest GPS precision
36 h
Delivery Content
  • Incl. USB cable
  • Operating instructions
Weight (piece)
72.00 g
Display size
1.30 cm


<p>The Fenix 6 Sapphire Titanium GPS watch from Garmin is a versatile companion for training, everyday use and leisure. It' s a great companion for any activity and reminds you discreetly when it's time to be active again. If you wear the watch at night, the next morning it will also give you an evaluation of how well you have slept. It also helps you to create training plans and gives information about your state of recovery and training benefits.</p><p>In addition to these training functions, it is also responsible for navigation and gives you a lot of other data in addition to your location. If you have already saved a track in advance, you can also see what altitude meters you can expect. This allows you to better manage your running speeds and still have enough energy to stretch at the end.</p><p>As a Smartwatch, it connects to your smartphone and shows you when something new has happened. This means you can stay up to date while you participate in sports. It's also easy to stream music and connect to the usual social networks.</p><p>In addition to training outdoors, the watch is also a perfect companion for swimming in the gym. It also offers useful functions for numerous other sports.</p>
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