Sea to Summit
Alpha 2.0 Cookware Set

Suitable for
included in delivery
Number of pots in set
Number of pots in set
Material Composition
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • Stackable
13.00 cm
19.00 cm
Weight (piece)
459.00 g
Sea to Summit


<p>With only one pot, you quickly reach its limits when you are traveling in pairs or threes. Therefore, the Alpha 2.0 Cookware Set from Sea to Summit has two pots in the luggage. Thanks to the hard-anodized, high-quality aluminum alloy, the pots score with a particularly low weight despite high robustness. They can also be stacked into each other to save space.</p><p>The Alpha Pots are also impressive in terms of handling. The lids with drip openings can be clipped onto the edges of the pots, and the silicone-covered stainless steel handle closes them during transport. A measuring scale inside the pots indicates the fill quantity, and the textured bottoms provide a more stable grip on the stove.</p><p>The Alpha 2.0 cookware set can also be wonderfully combined with the AlphaPans as well as the DeltaLight series from Sea to Summit.</p>
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