Rider 3.0-R Via Ferrata Set

Suitable for
  • One touch carabiner
  • KeyLock nose
  • Automatic locking
Via Ferrata Set
  • Energy absorber
  • Abrasion-proof energy absorber
  • Elastic safety branches
  • a backstop
Specific activity
Via Ferrata
DIN / CE Standards
EN 958: 2017 (new standard)
Magazine award winner
Bergsteiger Testsieger
Breaking load open
10.00 kN
Load capacity length
28.00 kN
Bergzeit Tip
Tip for beginners
Weight (piece)
830.00 g
Breaking load crosswise
10.00 kN


<p>The Rider 3.0-R Via Ferrata set from Skylotec is an extremely innovative set for via ferrata routes of all degrees of difficulty. It is equipped with a resistor snap carabiner on one arm, which opens easily with the pressure of the ball of your hand.</p><p>The second arm is equipped with a revolving self-climbing clamp. This prevents you from falling to the next bolt in the event of a serious fall before the fall arrester opens.</p><p>Between the belay points you can simply pull the clamp along, as you would do with normal via ferrata carabiners.</p>
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