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Many people who carry a small daypack on their way to uni, work, might think that “all backpacks are the same”. But as soon as the load on the back becomes heavier and the distance to be covered on foot longer, fit, workmanship and product design quickly take on a completely different significance. In the outdoor and trekking scene, only a few backpacks have the reputation of being among the most comfortable, stable, robust or functional.  One brand combines this almost over-inflated range of superlatives not only in marketing texts but also in its products: Osprey!

Why Osprey fits so well

If you look at the history of the US company based in Cortez (Colorado), it is like so often in the outdoor industry: founder Mike Pfotenhauer was not satisfied with the equipment he knew. In his early youth, he was often on hikes with his family and suffered severely from ill-fitting backpacks. The result was back pain and the impetus to sew his own first backpack in 1974 at the age of 19. If you think that this backpack falls into the category of “self-discovery of a pubescent teenager”, you are far wrong. Mike sewed what he could – in the truest sense of the word. He quickly built up a good reputation in the trekking and travel scene with customised backpacks.

Osprey ensures that backpacks are comfortable to wear. Since 1993, Osprey has also had backpacks for women that are specially adapted to the female fit. Osprey’s innovation continues in 2015 with the development of the world’s first ventilated hip belt in a trekking backpack, the Atmos & Aura AG. The backpacks are becoming a hit mainly because of the unsurpassed quality of the materials, functionality and the optimal fit on the back.

Osprey sustainability

Osprey aims to be the most progressive, transparent and sustainable outdoor hardshell brand. With recycled and PFC-free collections, such as Porter, Arcane and Archeon, Osprey has set a new milestone in this endeavour.

Osprey’s sustainability efforts began in 1974 with the development of its trekking backpacks. By developing high-quality, durable backpacks, Osprey has always strived to protect the environment for which Osprey’s backpacks are designed – because long life means less waste in landfills.

As part of Osprey’s commitment to protecting the environment, Osprey always aims to repair rather than replace products where possible. Osprey also recommends simple regular care and maintenance of the backpack to keep the product functioning optimally.

In addition, manufacturing defects within the reasonable life of Osprey’s products are covered by the All-Mighty Guarantee product warranty. This product guarantee ensures that the backpacks are repaired and reused whenever possible. This extends their life and allows them to have many more adventures.

Stands for nature

At Osprey, nature is at the centre of everything we do. One of the most important aspects of the sustainability strategy is the protection and conservation of all natural habitats.

Osprey has a long-term relationship with the EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) and are involved as full members and sponsors in various initiatives in Europe and worldwide. Osprey’s commitment ranges from cleaning up mountain habitats to efforts to preserve birds of prey – the backpack specialist is always looking for ways to protect the environment so that future generations can benefit from it.

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