Wild Country
Revo Belay Device

Suitable for
Belay device with belay sling
Excl. belay sling
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Specific activity
Sport Climbing
Weight (piece)
245.00 g
Wild Country


<p>The Revo Belay Device from Wild Country is semi-automatic with an advanced blocking function. To prevent the rope from being inserted incorrectly, the device is symmetrically constructed and functions in both directions.&nbsp;</p><p>The basic operation of the Revo works like a normal tuber. In the event of a fall, the device reacts with a centrifugal brake if the braking hand is not properly positioned on the brake cable. In contrast to other semi-automatic machines, the reaction of the brake is somewhat delayed, so that dynamic belaying is possible.&nbsp;</p><p>If the brake is released too quickly, the locking mechanism can easily be released when speed is required. Due to its ease of use, the Revo Belay Device is a great solution for both beginners and advanced climbers for safer climbing.</p>
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